This 48 hour course includes the theory, practical assessments and examination required for Medical Care Person in Charge. The course meets the requirements of STCW 95 CH VI, Sect A-VI/4-2 Table A-VI/4-2. 

Topics Include: Nursing Care, Diseases, Dental Injuries, Childbirth, Disease Prevention, Would Closure and Care, IV and Injections.



***In order to be eligible for this program the participant must have completed a Provider level course within the previous 6 months.***



USCG Approval:

Any applicant who has successfully completed your Medical Care Person in Charge (NOREMI-307) course will satisfy:

  The Medical Care Person In Charge requirements of 46 CFR 12.621(a)(1 & 2); AND

  The approved training for Management of Medical Care requirement of 11.305(a)(3)(ix); 11.307(a)(3)(ix); 11.311(a)(3)(vi); 11.313(a)(3)(vi); 11.315(a)(3)


Provided they have completed a Coast Guard approved Medical Care Provider course within 6 months of starting this course.

PRICE $1,950.00 USD

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