FCC Radio Operators Permit Examination - SELF STUDY - U.S COAST GUARD APPROVED

You need a commercial radio operator license to operate the following:

Ship radio stations if:

  • the vessel carries more than six passengers for hire; or
  • the radio operates on medium or high frequencies; or
  • the ship sails to foreign ports; or
  • the ship is larger than 300 gross tons and is required to carry a radio station for safety purposes
  • Coast stations which operate on medium or high frequencies or operate with more than 1,500 watts of peak envelope power.
  • Aircraft radio stations, except those using VHF frequencies on domestic flights.
  • International fixed public radio telephone and radiotelegraph stations.
  • Coast and ship stations transmitting radiotelegraphy.

Recommended Courses:

We offer testing on all elements.

Northeast Maritime Institute offers the FCC Operators Permit Exam frequently throughout the year. If the course is not on the schedule, please contact NMI for additional exam scheduling at (508) 992-4025.


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