Northeast Maritime Institute’s Maritime Education and Training Co-Operative (MET Co-Op) is a program that assists professional mariners in reaching their career goals at reduced costs. An initial two year commitment is required. The initial fee is $398.00 students will be charged for the full two years upon initial enrollment. Membership in MET Co-Op may be renewed thereafter at a fee of $199.00 annually.


Enrollment Entitles Members To:


• 20% off tuition of regularly scheduled courses*

• Lodging rates of $48 per night plus tax at the Seaport Inn and Marina while attending courses

• Discounts on U.S. Coast Guard required physicals and drug tests at nearby Tristan Medical Centers

• Electronic Mariner Credential Record keeping and Renewal Alert Service

• Assistance with TWIC and U.S. Coast Guard Applications

• Electronic newsletter and access to our program calendar

• Free use of NMI’s study computers and on-site references for self-study

• 10% Discount on NMI apparel over $15.00

• Submission of USCG applications to your regional exam center (REC)

• Resume/ Cover Letter Assistance

• Job Search Assistance through Student Services


*Does not include Nighttime Captain’s Courses, Advanced Firefighting, RFPNW Assessments, Radar Renewal, Flashing Light, Medical Courses, Drill Instructor Workshop, Designated Duty Engineer, Mate Pilot Program, Master/Mate 500/1600 Tons, Pre-Steersman Program, Q-MED, STCW Refresher Course, and Z-Drive Courses.


For more information contact Registration.




32 Washington Street  |  Fairhaven, Massachusetts 02719 USA  |  (508) 992-4025